Hebron Transports – Chennai to Cochin Review

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It was a wonderful evening, suddenly I got a call from my reporting manager “you need to visit Cochin”. I just said a yes straight way and my mind at the point clicked on to bus service of Hebron Transports as its only best service available late night from Chennai to Cochin.

I was waiting for my ticket to be confirmed by office travel desk. I received a beep beep on my phone with a sms ” Your Ticket is conformed”. I was already at the boarding point as it was a sudden plan to be at Kochi and when i received the call it was 6:30 pm and the bus was scheduled at 9:00 pm. I went to the booking office and enquired the bus boarding point, found out it’s parked a 500 metres away from booking office due to parking problem infront of the lounge.

When I reached the boarding point, the bus was going to be parked at the side lane. I thought I missed the bus even though the time was 8:45 pm. I enquired another Hebron bus parked at the boarding point. The driver said politely that the bus is parked on the left side and then thanked Driver Anna.

I went and boarded, driver smiled and asked Ernakulam ah thambi, I said Aama (Yes) Anna. I went to the seat and it was an aisle seat due to last minute booking I didn’t have the luck to book in window seat.

The bus charger point was not switched on and asked the Driver Anna for help. The Driver said Sure Thambi and will do that, called the support staff and asked him to switch on Inverter.

The bus started after 10 minutes due to a passenger is late. The bus started after sometime, the support staff in the bus gave us a water bottle. Certain passengers rejected as they have already brought water bottles.

The bus started and after crossing his Perungalathur the bus was cruising in the lane. The bus ride was smooth and comfort. The bus stopped for bio break near to Salem.

We had our tea and started our journey. There were dropping points at Salem, Coimbatore, Palakkad and Thrissur. The passengers were also dropped at non dropping point as per the request of Passengers enroute.

I loved the journey and reached half an hour late due to regular traffic issues enroute to destination. I will give the service 4/5 regarding to comfort, blanket and punctuality.

This review is based on personal opinion during my travel to Chennai to Kochi Cochin Ernakulam

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