Is Life A Real Game ?


I sometimes ask myself is life a real game as we play many games based on apps and different operating systems. In Games we have game over and we can start our life from first. But what will happen in a real life, will it be the same.

No one would be able to answer the same. Life once lost is lost forever, there is only one game. Rebirth is a gift provided by God, we should not compare the same with lives when we get in bonus rounds in games. 

Everyone in this world make mistakes, no one in the world can say that i havent done anything wrong. Mistakes are stepping stone to success. In simple words, mistakes happen but we need to change it and that brings success. A good decision is made based on the experience a person have on Good and Bad times.

The same way, we cant make errors in the real breath as its game over. Be good wherever you are and whatever might be your situation. For all the suffering you have today will give you a positive life.

Life is One, Its Not A Game. But A Real Life Game.

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