Night Out at Gandhi Beach at Pondicherry


It was a pleasant night, I was at Pondicherry during that day suddenly I got an idea of visiting the Gandhi beach. I have visited Pondicherry many times I didn’t get an opportunity to visit beach and park.

It was a pleasant evening and breeze at shore was cool unlike marina beach, gandhi beach was awesome. We took snaps at the park and at beach, I also tried the native food and it was yummy.  My buddies got shocked seeing my appetite of having food, I am a slow eater and love to taste the food bit by bit so that my taste buds can feel the taste of native food.

When you visit Pondicherry never miss this spot.

The pics posted here might be low quality as the pics were taken via mobile camera .

Pondicherry park C360_2016-07-30-12-44-00-481




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