Travel Review From Kollam to Thrissur in Rajdhani Express


It was a wonderful evening, after my work is completed at Kollam District. I have prebooked my ticket via my official travel desk to Thrissur. 

I didnt realize the ticket I requested the book is for Rajdhani Express that operates between Trivandrum and Hazrat Nizamuddin. I boarded the train at Kollam in the right boggie and went forwarded to my seat. When i reached my seat, I observed the seat is occupied by long distance travelers. 

I thought not to disturb occupied the seat in next separation. When the TTR came to check the tickets , i showed my ticket and politely informed my seat no. Is xx. 

Then all the passengers turned to me and saw me. I gave a smile and they approached me, they informed the seat u r sitting is there allocated berth and i can occupy it. 

I said smilingly ok to them and nodded my head. I was exhausted and got infectious cold. Food on Wheels team member brought me a water bootle and followed by my dinner. I smilingly accepted the food and preferred to eat rice with dhal fry first, later with soan papadi. 

The train was moving slowly might be due to traffic and work in tracks. I lyed on my bed and slept well for 1 hour. Thanks for my infectious cold i woke up again. 

I was observing through the tinted glass the outside world. The train is well maintained and i was boarded to three class ac coach. The coach is new and attendants plus house keeping staff were so suppprtive durinh my entire journey. 

As i reached pudukkad, i got up from my seat with luggage and walked towards exit. The train normally takes 10 minutes to reach Thrissur but it took half an hour.  

Atlast i reached thrissur safe and sound. Thanks to God and all others who made my journey, happy and comfortable. 

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