How Do We Treat Others, Dont We Expect To Be Respected


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I thought of writing this article post various incidents gone through my life. The topic i chose to describe is based upon “How Do We Treat Others, Dont We Expect To Be Respected”. Many of them will think, there is some mistake in the quote or a phrase mentioned but i would like to tell you that phrase can be rewritten as “How Do We Treat Others” as Respect Others and Be Respected.

It was a cool evening, i planned to step out of my house at Chennai for grocery shopping. During my way to grovery shop i met a elderly person was driving his moped, he looked alike he might be in his 70’s or 80’s. i was shocked by the way how he helped others at this age. This clearly shows goodness present in there heart, I would preferably say where there is good there is God and where there is bad there is Evil.

Life is full of options, either this or that but choosing right way matters a lot. For Example, the usage of loans or mortgage unless its truly essential. The same way respect is essential as a person and human being, give respect and take respect is a general quote said in the country of India. I would like to rather say Give Respect and Expect Nothing because expectation hurt even though he/she is a strong person.

The end of the post, i would like to suggest that “its your life, the choice is yours. Live a life for good and Treat everyone equally. Help others and never forget your past. ”


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