Visit to Nalan My Favourite Vegetarian Hotel


It was an Sunday,  I and my friend went to siruvani and ishayoga, when coming back I had a sudden idea of having dinner at a vegetarian hotel. I suggested the hotel name and speciality of the hotel and he is immediately send a yes.We reached hotel around at 6.30 pm, the manager of the restaurant greeted us. The manager guided us to wash and to the table. He displayed the menu to us, oops I forgot to say the hotel have different menu for each and every day. The hotel is also famous for lunch as well with different dishes each day.

The hotel speciality is they don’t use masala, sweet, chilly, milk and other sweeteners. The food is authentic, we will not feel full how much ever we eat. If you ask me where is best hygienic vitamins and proteins rich food it’s Hotel Nalan.

Below are the few images of the hotel.

Hotel Nalan Coimbatore

Hotel Nalan Coimbatore

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