Chennai To Ernakulam Parveen Travels B11R Travel Review

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Parveen Travels B11R Chennai Cochi Pondicherry Hotel BreakThis is Anbu back here for another travel review with Parveen Travels from Chennai To Ernakulam. I have booked the bus way in advance after finding the bus in special booking of Parveen Travels via Red Bus. The bus is fully booked for the day and ticket price was quite high of Rs.1450 but i am happy to experience the service provided by Parveen with new B11R ishift.

Parveen Travels B11R Chennai Cochi Pondicherry Puducherry Review

The bus started 45 minutes late than the scheduled time from Koyambedu Parveen Terminus as the bus was running between Bangalore and Chennai on the day of Journey. The bus started its journey and took the route via Perungalathur bypass, the bus is cool and air freshener was sprayed before we board the bus.

Seat : When i say about the seat, seat is not so comfortable as in the Scania running through the present route via Pondicherry.

Parveen Travels B11R Chennai Cochi Pondicherry Front Seats View

Blanket : The blanket was neat and tidy, the blanket didn’t have any odd smell.

AC : Air conditioning wasn’t cool enough even the temperature is at  23 at the beginning and later at 1 am in the morning it started to freeze at 23.

Hospitality: The bus is equipped with onroad pantry service but no pantry was provided and only water bottle was provided enroute to destination.

Parveen Travels B11R Chennai Cochi Pondicherry with Pantry

Travel Comfort: I wouldn’t recommend the last seat if you are travelling in a volvo and rest is fine.


Parveen Travels B11R Chennai Cochi Pondicherry Emergency Exit

Charging Ports are Awesome with Quick Charge and Normal Charge of 1A

Parveen Travels B11R Charging Ports in Seat

Overall rating:  4/5

I will recommend the Parveen Travels B11R for the above points, even its a special bus or normal bus try to provide snacks to the customer as this will be great comfort to the passengers and will recommend the bus to the bus.

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