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It was an regular day at Office, i planned to move from Ernakulam to Coimbatore as its weekend. I searched for buses available in list to Coimbatore, the major concern to travel to Coimbatore is the bus non availability from Ernakulam passing through the City Roads by not taking the bypass.

The passengers are ready to pay the money for the tickets but the long route buses to Bangalore and Chennai does not have sufficient time to board the passengers or drop the passengers in Coimbatore city.

I booked my bus on Red Bus for Universel Travels Scania with a discount of Rs.46 and final fare was Rs.520 for a trip to Coimbatore. I preferably prefer Kerala RTC buses as its faster and can enjoy the ride in bus but it is a hassle, as i need to board to Thrissur from there to Palakkad and then to Coimbatore. 

The bus was not full and bus had regular passengers boarded as in route bus to Thrissur and Palakkad. The bus travelled through by-pass of Thrissur and Palakkad. The passengers had dinner break at Palakkad, Hotel Aryas in bypass.

The bus utilized in schedule is brand new, bus did not have any issues such as sound etc. The bus did not have (water bottles or snacks) hospitality goodies as provided in the other travels such as Parveen, Kallada and new entrant YBM.

The bus did not have clean blankets and seats are bit tight and not so comfy enough but it is ok for 4 hours journey. I reached Coimbatore 1 hour earlier than scheduled and it would be half an hour before if the bus did not have a dinner break in Palakkad.

The bus is perfect ride if you don’t mind hospitality goodies and clean blankets. I give it 3/5 because it missed in providing hospitality of the passengers, clean blankets were not provided and seats were not comfy.

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