Evacay Bus Brand New Mercedes Benz Super High Deck Buses

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Evacay Bus, the premium and solitaire bus travel company known for its hospitality and service have announced the launch of there new fleet with Mercedes Benz Super High Deck Buses.

The coach is equipped with ABC suspension system for more travel comfort, the seating arrangements for the passenger is allocated with seeing through ample leg space. The seats are designed for passenger comfort and travel long distance with reclining seats and leg rest with cushions.

The coach is made in Mercedes Benz Chassis, Evacay have temporarily stopped its operation due to technical reasons and will be back on track with induction of new coaches.

I am truly excited to travel in the golden chariot once again, I wish the fleet will be in golden shinning like it always in its premium fleet operations. The pilots and support staff have a top notch experience in Hospitality.

The entire fleet will be owned by Evacay and be operated Evacay. The Golden Beauty is missing in the roads of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Wishing Evacay grows more and more with presence around India.

For Online Booking visit : www.evacaybus.in

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