Travel Review : Chennai to Pondicherry via ECR Parveen Travels

Bus Fanning

The below is a travelogue between Chennai to Pondicherry for a travel in scania bus of Parveen Travels. The bus is an inter city model one of Scania introduced in india. The built quality of the bus is good and well maintained by the crew. The bus i boarded travel to Kochi via Pondicherry due to good pax from Pondicherry as well. The bus had two pilots and one  crew member. The crew provided me with a blanket,cushion for head rest, fruit drink, water bottle and lays chips packet. 

The bus moved towards pondicherry and had various pick up points at Chennai, once it reached outskirts of Chennai City and bus starts to gain speed. The travel felt is like we are sitting in a chariot with air suspension and air condition. The hydraulics are very good and maintained good, so we didn’t experience jerks. 

The bus reached mahabalipuram and took a left turn at it was Hotel Mamalam my fav veg restaurant in the route. Many good travel organisation stop at the hotel for dinner . 

The bus started after 20 minutes halt and cruised towards Pondicherry and reached on time at Pondicherry . Thanked the pilots and crew member, got down and got a auto Le Royal Park,Pondicherry. 

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