YBM Travels – Cochin to Chennai Review


I reached Cochin from Chennai early morning by Hebron Transports. I need to make the travel back to Chennai on the same day.

I reached office met my superiors and had meetings. After completing the meetings, I was going to list of bus availability in Red Bus. I saw Herbon and then I thought let’s have a change so booked on YBM Travels as they have Launched a Sleeper Coach bus service between Chennai and Cochin.

The bus service is scheduled to start at 7:45 pm and I received a call prior 1 hour regarding to boarding time also informed about boarding location. My boarding location was opposite to Bismi Electricals opposite and bus came 5 minutes delayed due to traffic in Ernakulam City.

I boarded the bus, the support staff provided me with water bottles and snacks box plus blanket. The Sleeper berth had a pillow a good mattress and blanket. [continue reading…]

Hebron Transports – Chennai to Cochin Review


It was a wonderful evening, suddenly I got a call from my reporting manager “you need to visit Cochin”. I just said a yes straight way and my mind at the point clicked on to bus service of Hebron Transports as its only best service available late night from Chennai to Cochin.

I was waiting for my ticket to be confirmed by office travel desk. I received a beep beep on my phone with a sms ” Your Ticket is conformed”. I was already at the boarding point as it was a sudden plan to be at Kochi and when i received the call it was 6:30 pm and the bus was scheduled at 9:00 pm. [continue reading…]

My Birthday Post 24-Feb-2017 – Age 27


Thanks to Respective Image Owner

I am writing the post on an early morning day of my birthday around 5am to 6am, I thank God for giving me an opportunity to complete one more year with His blessing and grace. As i am entering into 27th Year of my life, i would request the Lord to bless and guide me all days of my life. [continue reading…]

How Do We Treat Others, Dont We Expect To Be Respected


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I thought of writing this article post various incidents gone through my life. The topic i chose to describe is based upon “How Do We Treat Others, Dont We Expect To Be Respected”. Many of them will think, there is some mistake in the quote or a phrase mentioned but i would like to tell you that phrase can be rewritten as “How Do We Treat Others” as Respect Others and Be Respected. [continue reading…]

Is Life A Real Game ?


I sometimes ask myself is life a real game as we play many games based on apps and different operating systems. In Games we have game over and we can start our life from first. But what will happen in a real life, will it be the same.

No one would be able to answer the same. Life once lost is lost forever, there is only one game. Rebirth is a gift provided by God, we should not compare the same with lives when we get in bonus rounds in games.  [continue reading…]

Calicut Kozhikode KSRTC Bus Terminal 


The below snapshot is taken during my trip to Calicut. The trip was awesome and i stayed in a comfort tourist home. The day started well had my breakfast at a restaurant near to KSRTC bus complex.

I am not boring you with words. Below is the pic of Calicut Bus Stand or Complex of Kerala Road Transport Organisation. The bus stand complex can be used for office and commercial purposes.

The ksrtc bus complex also connects buses from Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Thrissur To Alapuzha in Guruvayoor Express 


Again another official day at work, This day i needed to board my train to Alapuzha from Thrissur. I always preferred a late night train to my destinations. 

My body has also changed to as per my travel requirements to different parts of kerala on different times. I boarded an auto from Thrissur Shaktan Bus Stand to Railway Station. 

I reached Railway station hours early, i searched for AC waiting hall but it ended in Vain. I waited in upper class waiting hall for 2 hours. 

As there was maintenance works going in Thrissur to Ernakulam intersection. The train departing to Ernakulam are delayed. During that time some passengers made hussle with station master enquiring the reason for delay in departing of trains.  

Atlast at mentioned time, train arrived as scheduled. I boarded my boggie and went to my seat. The berth alloted me was an side upper, i showed my identity card to TTE. He marked something in his trip sheet. He would have marked my arrival.

The train departed to Alapuzha and passengers were boarding to my compartment in every station and i reached my destination half an hour late, thanks to railways signalling systems. 

I left the train, Thanked God for a wonderful journey. I moved towards the prepaid auto stand. 

Travel Review From Kollam to Thrissur in Rajdhani Express


It was a wonderful evening, after my work is completed at Kollam District. I have prebooked my ticket via my official travel desk to Thrissur. 

I didnt realize the ticket I requested the book is for Rajdhani Express that operates between Trivandrum and Hazrat Nizamuddin. I boarded the train at Kollam in the right boggie and went forwarded to my seat. When i reached my seat, I observed the seat is occupied by long distance travelers. 

I thought not to disturb occupied the seat in next separation. When the TTR came to check the tickets , i showed my ticket and politely informed my seat no. Is xx. 

Then all the passengers turned to me and saw me. I gave a smile and they approached me, they informed the seat u r sitting is there allocated berth and i can occupy it. 

I said smilingly ok to them and nodded my head. I was exhausted and got infectious cold. Food on Wheels team member brought me a water bootle and followed by my dinner. I smilingly accepted the food and preferred to eat rice with dhal fry first, later with soan papadi. 

The train was moving slowly might be due to traffic and work in tracks. I lyed on my bed and slept well for 1 hour. Thanks for my infectious cold i woke up again. 

I was observing through the tinted glass the outside world. The train is well maintained and i was boarded to three class ac coach. The coach is new and attendants plus house keeping staff were so suppprtive durinh my entire journey. 

As i reached pudukkad, i got up from my seat with luggage and walked towards exit. The train normally takes 10 minutes to reach Thrissur but it took half an hour.  

Atlast i reached thrissur safe and sound. Thanks to God and all others who made my journey, happy and comfortable. 

A Day Not Too Long With Words


Inspired by the story of “Prince of Persia” I share the word a day not too long.  A Day is not too long, when we get connected with words that exchanged every second with new adventures.

A day will go late with hate but with love day will go fast and that is universal truth shared by elders. Where there is love there is no time and there is no time for those who hate.

Words can be categorised as true essence of love and hate, when there is good there is certainly bad. In simple words, control your anger and speak what is appropriate when you are in anger.

Relationships fade when there is miscommunication and no communication so keep communicating never give a gap for loved ones.