Which Postpaid Plan Offers Best Neflix Subscription – Jio, Airtel or Vi


Now-a-days postpaid plans are clubbed with lots of lifestyle and ott benefits to the customers, one of the major attraction for a customer to become a subscriber is the ott content provided to its customers.

Indias first Free Netflix subscription brought to India is by Airtel with its Platinum Postpaid Plans starting from Rs.499, Airtel offered 3 months credit worth Rs 1500 post that the customer can cancel the subscription or continue with Airtel billing as per the plan of the customer’s choice.

Airtel has recently revamped and launched new plans with Netflix Basic Subscription from 1199 plans along with addon connections. As we are coming to an end of discussion, which network or postpaid plan provides best Netflix Subscription is it Jio, Airtel or Vi. Lets split the answer into three types.

Later, Jio also introduced the Netflix Mobile only free subscription starting from 399 plan. Whileas, Vi offers Netflix Basic Subscription from 1299 with Family Addon Connections and from 1099 with Individual Plans.

At present, Netflix offers 4 different plans for its subscribers, Mobile at Rs. 149, Basic at Rs.199, Standard at Rs. 499 and Premium at Rs. 649.

  • Mobile Only Customers, if the customer uses the Netflix subscription only on his mobile phone then the Jio 399 plan is the best.
  • Individual Customer with Netflix Basic Subscription, Vi 1099 is the best combo in the market offering netflix subscription and also other ott benefits.
  • Family Or Multiple Connections with Netflix, Airtel offers best in Netflix Basic Subscription and other ott benefits starting at Rs 1199 Platinum postpaid plans.

Conclusion, all the operators offer best in class netlfix subscription depending upon the customer preference.

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