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04-Sep-17 Salem: India’s Famous Cakery Brand is now at Salem after Chennai in Tamilnadu. The speciality of 7th Heaven at Salem comes along with Global Fast Food Court along with milkshakes, cakes, cookies.

The inauguration of 7th heaven in Salem was on 3rd September 2017, the inauguration was conducted in grand scale even though i couldn’t visit the new brand store in auspicious day.

7th Heaven SalemSpeaking about 7th Heaven in Salem, it’s easily accessible via Road and just opposite to New Bus Stand in Omalur Road. The Chefs for Global Fast Food Corner are from North India and I visited the point on second consecutive day post inauguration.

When I visited the store personnel greeted with a smile, the store is well organised but as it is consecutive today of opening the management of stationary had hassles. The counter does not have ample man power in the showroom for billing in World of Flavours and 7th Heaven cakes billings.

7th Heaven Salem

I started my order with Dahi Vada, as i love curd a lot i wish to start my experience with Dahi Vada. The Dahi Vada is yummy and they served me in a disposable plate with a standard disposable spoon. The quantity is satisfactory with amount i paid for the ambiance and food. The food is worth the cost they charged.

7th Heaven Salem

Post having the Yummy Dahi Vada, i preferred to try the Bhel Poori as i am fond of it from my very young age, but i missed it to find it how it is so i choosed of opting Chocolate Pastry topped with Chocolate Buttons. The cake tasted yummy as it is pure vegeterian there was some softness missing the cake but it’s mouth melting piece of pastry from 7th Heaven.

Directions to 7th Heaven Salem:

7th heaven also promises the customers with a cake readily baked in 7 minutes, i exactly don’t know T&C on it. Its still awesome to have ordered in 7 minutes to give birthday, anniversary in a short while.

7th heaven bakery is a truly 100 % vegetarian bakery with zero addition of egg as per the advertisements shared during the commercials. I also observed that the 7th heaven is truly 100% vegetarian bakery as i couldnt find any non-veg in the menu šŸ˜› .

Dont miss to book your order now on 7th Heaven for more details contact 0427 4971477 .

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