Airtel Adds 15Mhz of 4G Spectrum In Kerala

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Bharti Airtel Limited, the pan India telecommunications company has announced the addition of 15Mhz 4G Spectrum Frequency in Kerala Circle.

Prior to addition of spectrum Airtel was operating with 20 MHz , bifurcated as 1800 5 MHz, 2100 5 MHz and 2300 10 MHz. 2100 5Mhz is acquired for 3G operations and later fielded into market for better 4G experience for the customers.

The addition of spectrum is applicable for 1800 L3 and 2300 L40 with 5 MHz and 10 MHz respectively. The total farming of spectrum in 1800 at 10 MHz and 2300 at 20 MHz.

The customers can enjoy better internet speeds with addition of bandwidth. Airtel operates carrier agreegation in L3 and L40 bands, there is 30 MHz available for CA enabling better speeds for the customers.

Bharti Airtel will be launching soon 900Mhz L8 frequency with 5Mhz bandwidth. By launching all the bandwidth Airtel will be holding 40 MHz of band in Kerala.

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