TRAI Release Consultation Paper On Validity Period of Prepaid Tariff Offers


TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has released a consultation paper on the validity period of Prepaid Tariff Orders. The consultation was released on 13th May 2021, the telecom service providers of India both private and government can share their comments by 11th June 2021 and counter comments by 25th June 2021.

The consultation paper is released based upon the consumer feedbacks of the telecom service providers. The consultation paper will not be applicable for (i) rural fixed-line services; (ii) national roaming services; (iii) international private leased circuits and domestic leased circuits; and (iv) mobile number portability charges.

As per the extant regulatory framework, there is no specific requirement to introduce a tariff for a particular validity period viz., days, weeks, months, etc. However, as per the industry practice, the tariff offerings for postpaid services are made on a monthly basis implying a period of 28/29/30/31 days as the case may be. Tariffs for prepaid services are offered in terms of a number of days which can range from 1 day to 90 days in respect of Special Tariff Vouchers/Combo Vouchers and a minimum of 180days in respect of Plan vouchers. However, the most popular offers made by the TSPs are in terms of days, weeks, and multiple thereof such as 28/56/84 days, while some of the TSPs are offering a 30-day tariff as well in addition to the popular tariff offers.

We need to wait and watch on the final consultation paper released by TRAI post the comments and counter comments by Telecom Service Providers.

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