Alapuzha to Chennai in Shalimar Express


Asusual i reached railway station before 1 hour of departure at boarding station. The station is Alappuzha of Trivandrum Division, i hate about this station is lack of food joints in the station. 

The train i need to board is Shalimar Express, its starting point is Trivandrum Central to Kolkata Shalimar. The final destination for self is upto Chennai Central. 

The train reached Alapuzha with a one hour delay approximately. Meanwhile i went to the restaurant and coffee shop. I had a sip of coffee and banana fries. 

Once the train reached, i boarded the coach and took my place in reserved seat. I got a biriyani pouch and bottle of water for my dinner. 

The TTE didnt reach even though we crossed Ernakulam Town, it look alike its better to boarded the train at Ernakulam Town. The train continued the journey. 

I took my bed roll, blanket, sheets and pillow. I spreaded it in my berth and lied down for a good night sleep. I woke up on next day morning around 5.30 am and again went for nap for 2 hours. 

The train was delayed entrance to Chennai central, we were slowed down at Basin Bridge Junction. The train was 20 minutes late to reach Chennai Central and train was promised to reach by 9.30 am. The delay at Chennai Central is ok compared to delay at Alapuzha. 

I got down the train and left the railway station, straight to home sweet home at Chennai.  

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