Auto Ride From Calicut Railway Station to Atlas Inn Tourist Home


It was around 5 am i boarded my auto came to station. I informed the location as Palayam but the auto brother heard as Palai. I informed the destination as Palayam Atlas Inn Tourist Home.

He informed me the destination Palai is 15 kms away. I informed the destination is Palayam Atlas Inn Tourist Home. He dropped me infront of it and informed they charge high compared to other hotels. I said ok and i am comfortable. 

When i asked the rate for auto, he said the auto charge is Rs.100 due to night charge. I hardly travelled 3  kms from railway station. I havent had this experience anywhere in Kerala.

I travelled 10 kms in Trivandrum, it was double charge that is only Rs.200 from railway station at night. Normally we get good information about auto brothers at    Calicut but the experience was entirely different.

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