Chennai to Calicut in Mangalore Express 12685


My Journey to Calicut was rescheduled to Monday instead of Sunday. I left my home around 3pm to Railway Station at Chennai.  Chennai Central is a busy station plying trains between different parts of India. Many passengers also come here to enjoy free wifi provided by railtel and google. 

My train was allotted with platform no.3.  Instead of holding the train around 4pm. Train was brought to platform around 4.30 pm as the platform was occupied by another train. 

I boarded my coach B1 and occupied my seat at lower berth. I enjoyed the view of the train through see through glass. The train coaches were brand new and introduced recently. The route of the train was introduced 6 years ago.  

Meanwhile, TTE came and checked our tickets. 

The train reached katpadi, the co passenger also felt sleepy so we rolled our bed rolls and layed for good night sleep. 

The cooling in the train was good compared to previous coaches. This coach didnt have any fans and purely air conditioned. 

The train stopped between at many stations people started to get down and board in. I have kept my alarm around 4am so i have 20 minutes to get ready and get down at calicut. 

To my dismay, the train reached half an hour late and i was standing in the entrance door of the coach and enjoying the breeze. 

The train reached the destination around 4.45 am, i got my baggage and got down. I got into a food stall selling tea and rice pathiri fry. I ate my pathiri and drank tea paid and thanked the shopkeeper. 

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