Samsung Z2  Review


Recently i have bought a Samsung Z2 as a backup phone because you know iPhone drains battery faster. The main feature about Z2 it works on Tizen OS. 

The phone is supportable of 4G VoLTE and feels bit heavy compared with my iPhone. The User Interface was bit tougher to understand. But Later i figured out how to use the device. 

At present Tizen doesnt support many softwares of android. Like a google play store , Tizen OS have Tizen store. 

Samsung Z2 comes with S Bike Mode, Ultra Data Saving and Ultra Power Saving some software features like in J Series. User Interface of Z2 looks like same of Android. 

The Phone supports Dual Sim but both the sims doesnt work in 4G simultaneously. 

Inorder to access Tizen Store you need to create or login with a Samsung account. 

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