Train Travel from Thanjavur to Chennai


It was on a Saturday night, I need to board the train to Chennai after one week stay at Thanjavur for official purpose. I reached railway station by 9.30 pm and my train is scheduled at 11.15 pm as per my booking message. 

The train I needed to board is Rameswaram to Chennai Egmore, the train is named as Chennai Express. As per name it’s express not as per the running time. The train reached the station by 11.45 pm as usual late instead of 11.15 pm. The train departed within two minutes, I reserved to a three tier AC coach and my seat was alloted as side upper. I boarded my compartment and when I checked my seat a aunty was lying down in my seat. I thought I made a wrong entrance and was checking again my messages and coach no. , I also checked date of travel whether travel desk made any booking mistake. There was no errors.

I entered the compartment and asked excuse me madam, she requested occupy the upper berth on the opposite side of  berth. I thanked God it’s not a middle berth. I was tired and sleepy because of humid and heavy dinner.

I was flat and TTR came to wake me up for checking the ticket and ID proof, I showed it and thanked him. Back to sleep. When I woke up it just reached Tambaram, the train was running 45 minutes late at last it reached  Chennai Egmore around 7.15 am.

Chennai welcomed me with a glowing yellow sun. ?

Forgot to say the AC cooling was superb ???.

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