Vivegam More Action More Romance – Ajith Kumar Thriller


Vivegam More Action More Romance - Ajith Kumar ThrillerToday 27-Aug-17: I went to watch the movie “Vivegam” at Luxe Cinemas at Chennai presently known as Jazz Cinemas. The story screenplay and direction is done by Siva for Ajith Kumar.

Casting: Ajith Kumar is in the lead role, followed by other leading actors in the industry Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Agarwal and Akshara Haasan. We have other actors supporting the show is Karunakaran(supporting officer for finding Akshara), Arav Choudhary, Bharat Reddy, Sharat Saxena and Swaminathan. We have two actors from foreign Amila and Serge Crozon.

About the Movie in Summary The movie started with an action scene at the location where a dealing of nuclear arsenal is happening. Ajay Kumar enters the scene with surprises to the two villains and entire location is bombarded by Ajay Kumar with swift actions and shooting spree. The information about the shoot out reaches the headquarters of International Commando operations, Aryan Singha also reaches the location with his team mates.

The Flashback of Ajay Kumar is played for entire half till interval, The flashback also shows about his wife Yazhini, entrance of Natasha and how his team has backstabbed him by trying to kill him.

Introduction of Yazhini Ajay Kumar is awesome, romantic and cool. Yazhni runs a Restaurant and Musical Class. During the introduction it shows Yazhini is tensed with lots of orders at Restaurant at the moment a special wind blows. Yazhini realised there is something special and Yazhini replied with morse code and Ajay Kumar replied with a morse code.

When he was with his wife, he receives a call from headquarters regarding to an earthquake event. During investigation AK found that its non earthquake location and blast underground could have impacted this tremors. Ajay Singha gives task to find the most wanted Hacker Natasha. After finding Natasha, Ajay Singha calls AK and informs to kill Natasha. Ajay orders his team to kill Natasha and AK.

At the moment when his entire friend is back stabbed and firing in his side. He receives a call from his wife Yazhini Ajay Kumar with happiness but when she hears Ajay Kumar is shouting in pain, she requests Ajay Kumar to say that he will come back to her. He promised to Yazhini and fell down to ground.

The team thought that Ajay Kumar is died and left the scene and his come back is a big surprise. The Aryan Singha the lead villain in the movie is very much afraid about the reentry about Ajay Kumar.

After that scenes are about saving his wife and killing Aryan Singha plus spoiling his plan of his secret organisation.

Conclusion : Movie can be given 3.5/5 for dedication and hardwork of the actors. 5/5 for dedication and hardwork played in the movie by Ajith Kumar (Thalla). 


  • Screenplay of Reinstatement of Ajay Kumar is missed
  • Screenplay was fast even sometime i get confused where am i
  •  Faster Action Sequences displayed by Team could have been reduced a bit

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