All Indians Are My Brothers and Sisters


Whether it is people of India or people of United World. Think that we are living in a free world. Here the God has gifted us with water air and food the basic thing for us to survive.

In the national pledge of India its written as All Indians Are My Brothers and Sister’s. I dont think its the same as it is because we can view in the news channels that there is discrimination in many parts of the country.

This discrimation make me remember the Anti Black agitation that was into existence in America(not now). The white children should not be in the same class of black, one black girl student took the courage at age of six years to attend the school. She was escorted by Assistant Marshals, the child was threatened but she didnt fall down. She raised up and made the people united.

My simple advice Stop Discrimation. Lets live in Peace. God Bless All.

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