Private and Government Buses Stand Still Till June 14 Due To Lockdown

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Private and Government Buses Stand Still Till June 14 Due To LockdownTamilnadu Government has extended the lockdown till June 14, the decision is taken post meeting the relevant authorities by the honorable chief minister of state MK Stalin. As part of Lockdown restrictions, there will be no private and government bus operational for public transit in the state.

Private and Government buses operating as contract carriages can operate in the state with e-registration in place. Auto and Taxis can ferry passengers if valid e-registration is available during the transit.

We hope the public transportation and private transportation will resume in the state post lockdown after June 14. The private transportation industry namely OMNI buses are badly hit due to a pandemic that started on 23rd March 2020 as 1 year and 2 months are over the industry has not resurrected to its old glory.

Private transportation is also impacted due to the high cost of diesel and less patronage of the public is badly affecting not only the private transportation sector but also government transport corporations.

The government transportation has seen in rising passenger contribution on its EAC service of TNSTC and AC services of SETC after resuming the bus operation of airconditioned coaches.

We wish both Government and Private Transportation to come back to its glory after the lockdown is lifted and life is normal.

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