World Is Not Word


In an expression to say world is not a word. It’s true as it is occupied by both renewable and non renewable resources. The world is filled with evil and goodness but people should choose the righteousness to follow that will make world a better place to live.

Every person in this world has a wish to be in a good level but the person should choose a straight path and not a crooked path to gain what he/she wish. The world is now full of shortcuts that even to change a channel in Television we prefer the remote to reach our hands. Now a days we are coming to know about feasibility of wireless charging making us much more lazy.

If you want to be successful, pack your bags and get ready to do what you want to achieve and keep as a goal. We will be working in full swing to achieve our goal but after three days or one week slowly we will loose our goal. In order to achieve your goals make an agenda for your day to day activities you have a balanced in student life, college life, work life and personal life. A person with a balanced life will be most successful person in the world.

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